Digua Community Film Project

A site-specific, movie-making for children and parents, project, based on anthropology research method, collaborating with Digua Community in Beijing.

character + prop design:

research book:

event happening:


desktop research + analyse

on-site interview
character design iterations

event invites design iterations

book design iterations

Research Lead: Yiyang Xu, Zishu Zhou
Research: Huanan Jing, Yimeng Bao, Ruobing Bai, Shuheng Fu
Writing: Huanan Jing, Shuheng Fu
Photo: Helena Tosic
Book Layout: Helena Tosic
Character Design: Yimeng Bao, Shuheng Fu
Illustration: Yimeng Bao, Shuheng Fu
Design Execution: Helena Tosic, Huanan Jing, Yimeng Bao, Shuheng Fu